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Toxin Training

Toxin Training

Toxin & Basic Filler Training
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Toxin Injection Training – Dysport®, Xeomin®, Botox®

Duration: 1 Day (9.5 hours)

Pre-Course Reading: 4-6 hours

Prerequisite: N/A

Course Overview

  1. Concepts of beauty and ideal facial features
  2. Facial anatomy and the muscles responsible for facial expression
  3. Indications, risks, and benefits of treatment
  4. Practical – demonstration of facial injections for upper and lower sites followed by hands-on injection time to treat the following:
  • Frown lines (glabellar complex)
  • Forehead lines (horizontal)
  • Crow’s feet (periorbital rhytids)
  • Brow lift (medial & lateral brow depressors)
  • Bunny lines of the nose (nasalis)
  • Down-turned mouth (depressor anguli oris)
  • Eye jelly roll (hypertrophicorbicularis)
  • Gummy smile (LLSAN)
  • Mental crease / peau d’orange / chin dimpling (mentalis)
  • Platysmal neck bands (platysma)
  • Smoker’s lines of the mouth (orbicularis oris)