Ocean Gold Fish

Meaghan Zmija

Managing Director

Ocean Goldfish Consulting

Ocean Goldfish Consulting offers a fresh approach to marketing your aesthetic practice. With over a decade of experience understanding the medical aesthetic industry, Meaghan and her team are able to provide clients professional advice, tools and training needed to become more successful as a practice. Most practices work exclusively on the external marketing of their business forgetting the importance and opportunity that internal marketing can provide (you don’t always need new patients…you need to get better at serving the ones you have!).

Ocean Goldfish helps clinics organize logistic processes to increase marketing effectiveness while inspiring new ideas of marketing to the loyal, long-term patients that are most likely to re-purchase from you. Internal marketing, sales training, incentive plans and VIP programs are just a few of the comprehensive strategies in our programs.

You’ve invested in your expert training and technology…now invest in your business development!

Book a Complimentary Strategy Session with Meaghan: https://meetme.so/OceanGoldfish