The Art of Mastering Advanced Injection Techniques

A medical aesthetician performing dermal filler injections on a female patient
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Author: Patricia Pezzano

The booming injectables market demands more than “good” injectors. To stand out and ensure stunning results, cosmetic injectors need foundational knowledge, exceptional skills, and versatility. When you put in the time and effort needed to master advanced injection techniques, you will elevate your practice and feel confident knowing you’re delivering the best results possible—it’s a win-win for both you and your patients.

In this article, we’ll walk you through some advanced Botox and filler injection techniques, show you the value of advanced injection training, and explain why the best place to learn is through an established institution like APT Injection Training.

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Why Advanced Injection Training Matters

So you’ve conquered the basic injection techniques—fanning technique, linear threading, serial puncture—but are you going to stop there?

If you have prior injection experience, want to expand your toolbelt of filler injection skills, or simply want a new challenge for your professional development, advanced injection training could be the next step. An advanced course will teach you the latest techniques and best practices for treating more challenging areas with dermal fillers and neurotoxins.

While basic skills are taught in an introductory Botox and dermal filler course, advanced courses dive deeper into more difficult-to-inject areas, such as the tear troughs or the temples. Because they are close to sensitive structures like blood vessels, nerves, and muscles, mistakes in these areas can lead to serious adverse effects (including vascular occlusion, skin necrosis, blindness, and stroke), meaning skill and precision are a must.

Treating patient concerns in challenging areas also calls for a more thorough understanding of facial anatomy and the aging process which an advanced injection course will provide.

 An injection specialist teaches a student fundamentals by drawing lines on her rubber glove

Advantages of Learning Advanced Injection Techniques

Advanced injection techniques are harder to learn and require more theoretical knowledge and experience to execute—but that effort is not without reward. The benefits of adding these techniques to your arsenal include:

  • Enhancing your precision and control as an injector
  • Providing more natural-looking and longer-lasting enhancements for your patients
  • Being qualified to address more complex issues such as volume loss, asymmetry, and filler complications
  • Delivering personalized results through true customization and balanced outcomes
  • Building patient loyalty and satisfaction
  • Expanding your treatment offerings and attracting new clients
  • Increasing your earning potential as a medical aesthetics professional

Ultimately, mastering advanced injection techniques is a transformative journey for your skills as well as your broader career trajectory!

Examples of Advanced Injection Techniques

Temple Injection Techniques

Temple injections can offer significant improvement to facial volume loss and can be executed by injecting dermal filler just beneath the skin (the subdermal layer) or in between two layers of fascia, which are connective tissues that cover the muscles and bones.

Or, an injector may apply low and high supraperiosteal techniques, entering through the temporalis muscle, which is the large muscle on the side of the head that aids in chewing. Meanwhile, supra auricular and temporal lifting techniques, as the names imply, are usually employed to address facial laxity concerns.

A combination of techniques may sometimes be necessary—and will often produce better results. A “multilayering” approach may be necessary to fully address the signs of aging across the midface.

Tear Trough Injection Techniques

The tear trough (the inner portion of the lower eyelid) often becomes a victim of the aging process as it loses volume and elasticity over time. This can result in a sunken, hollow appearance that creates dark circles and makes one look tired or older.

Addressing these concerns using tear trough fillers is a relatively new procedure that’s becoming increasingly popular. Some of the more commonly used advanced injection techniques for the tear trough include:

Lambros’s Technique

Filler is first injected deeply at the most lateral extent of the trough, then subsequent injections are done above and below the initial site.

Stutman and Codner Technique

Filler is injected through a combination of cross-hatching and linear threading under the muscle to reduce product visibility.

Steinsapir Technique

A thin needle and a curtain maneuver (pulling the skin and tissue over the needle like a curtain before injecting) are used to prevent filler migration.

Patel and Glaser Technique

A serial point injection or linear threading technique is used to administer the product before massaging using a finger or a cotton-tipped swab.

An APT Injection Training student injecting a female patient under supervision

Why Seek Advanced Injection Training from Accredited Programs?

The journey of mastering advanced injection techniques begins with selecting the appropriate institution. Opting for established programs offered by esteemed educators ensures adherence to rigorous standards, thereby guaranteeing the delivery of high-quality education.

The benefits of choosing these programs include:

  • ✔ Licensed instructors with a wealth of experience in injection and teaching
  • ✔ Curriculums focused on advanced techniques for optimal outcomes
  • ✔ Consistent clinical education and hands-on practice
  • ✔  Small class sizes for personalized instruction
  • ✔  Credentialing and certifications upon course completion

Take Your Medical Aesthetics Career Further by Learning Advanced Injection Techniques

Learning advanced Botox and dermal filler injection techniques can open doors for you as an injector. Mastering them will help you grow your practice, become recognized as an industry leader, and foster stronger relationships with your clients.

APT Injection Training is an internationally recognized training facility that provides both introductory and advanced injection training. Through our courses, we offer hands-on training using live models to ensure you graduate with the experience needed to thrive wherever your career takes you next.

Contact us today to learn more about our advanced injection training courses!

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      Our in-person training courses are currently only at the Oakville facility in Ontario

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