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The cosmetic industry, particularly Botox injections, has been on the rise for the last ten years. 

In Philadelphia, where many businesses have been put in extreme uncertainty because of the pandemic, cosmetic surgeons were surprised to see as much as a 70% rise in requests for virtual consultations.

They attribute this surge to how people started scrutinizing their faces when they’re on a video call for meetings and classes. 

So if you’re a physician, nurse, or medical practitioner who’s considering getting a Botox training course for Philadelphia medical professionals, now is the best time to get certified. This high demand for Botox injections means a career in medical aesthetics could be financially and personally rewarding.

However, choosing a reputable facility is essential if you want to acquire competent skills to get you ahead of the thousands of medical practitioners wanting to be certified Botox injectors themselves.

APT Injection Training is one such facility. We are an internationally-recognized teaching institution that provides medical professionals with advanced Botox training and other medical aesthetic programs.

What’s Our Approach in Botox Training?

When it comes to facial enhancements, we believe in what’s called a “perfect practice.” This can only be achieved through these two steps: theoretical lessons and practical application.

To ensure all our students truly learn and achieve their highest potential as Botox injectors, we make sure every critical learning aspect is covered:

1. Availability of Online Pre-course Materials

We understand that medical practitioners wanting to get certified are busy people whose time is precious. This is why we provide online pre-course materials for classroom instructions.

It gives trainees the opportunity to read and study theoretical knowledge in Botox before attending hands-on training sessions. Our comprehensive course material includes clinical patients’ forms and references, videos and university level theoretical content.

2. Practical Demonstration

After thoroughly covering the theoretical part of the training, we will show students how a toxin injection should be done through a practical demonstration.

3. Hands-on Application

After ensuring all is set for our students, we let them apply what they’ve learned. This time, each student will perform the injection themselves, focusing on the upper and lower part of the face.

We offer significantly more hands-on training time compared to other training facilities to ensure all our students are deserving of their certificates. 

4. Use of Real Live Patient Models

While other facilities use plastic dummies for practical training, we use live patient models. We don’t think plastic dummies will give you the same feel, reaction, and overall experience of working on a real patient when it’s time to actually practice as an injector out there.

Thus, all our students will be given up to eight patients per training day, each with different concerns and skin types, so they can get as much practice as needed to perfect their assessment and injection skills.

5. Personalized Learning Through Strict 2:1 Trainee to Trainer Ratio

We want students to get the most out of their training. In order to make this possible, we strictly adhere to two students per instructor. 

This intimate learning setup enables our trainers to closely monitor their student’s progress. It helps them quickly determine problem areas and provides personalized guidance to help students improve.

Students, on the other hand, feel more at ease in this setup because they can freely ask questions and voice out their concerns.

6. Training by Industry Leaders

Technological advancements in cosmetic procedures continue to evolve—and we make sure we evolve with them.

All our trainers are up-to-date with the latest techniques in Botox injections. We continuously expand our skills so we can share the latest innovations with APT trainees. 

7. We Are Experienced Teachers

A trainer who lacks knowledge won’t have anything to share with trainees regardless of how good they are at teaching. In the same way, they can’t pass their knowledge on to students if they don’t have the skills to share them.

At APT, we make sure all our trainers are highly skilled in both Botox injections and in teaching. We believe both go hand-in-hand in creating future industry experts. 

Our students continue to attest to the extraordinary experience that awaits at our training facility. 

Who Can Take Botox Certification Courses?

Not everyone who wants to become a certified Botox injector can be one. Being in the medical profession is a basic requirement in order to be eligible to take the course. 

Our Botox training course for Philadelphia medical professionals, dermal filler training, and other certification courses are open to all licensed doctors, registered nurses, registered practical nurses, nurse practitioners, dentists, and other registered medical practitioners

If you don’t find your profession on the list, please get in touch with us so we can check if your scope of practice is included in your specific state or province.

What Else Can You Take at APT Injection Training Besides Botox Injection Courses?

Aside from Botox courses, we also offer other cosmetic injection programs you can take to enter the field of medical aesthetics. 

These courses are designed for students without prior injecting experience (level 1), intermediate injection courses (level 2), and advanced injection courses for those who want to upgrade their skills (level 3).

Some of these courses include but are not limited to:

1. Level 1: Foundation Basic Filler Training

This course offers a one-day comprehensive hands-on training about the latest hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to rejuvenate the face. 

2. Online Training Toxin & Dermal Filler Module

Learn all the theoretical aspects of toxin and dermal fillers in this course before undertaking the hands-on portion.

3. Dental Filler & Botox Courses for Dentists

This is a one-day training course that will provide dentists with a comprehensive learning experience on Botox and other cosmetic injections. It includes hands-on training on actual patients.

4. Upgrade From Basic Filler and Toxin to International Certificate in Clinical Aesthetic Injectable Therapies

This course is suitable for injectors either already trained and injecting or those who have taken APT’s level one courses who wish to upgrade to an International Certification offered through our UK training partner, MATA Training.

Why Choose APT Injection Training?

APT Injection Training has produced thousands of graduates over the years who are now successful cosmetic injectors. Many of them say it was our Botox training course for Philadelphia medical professionals that paved the way for their success.

If you’re interested in being armed with skills that will propel your medical career forward, get in touch with us or visit our website for the complete list of the courses we offer.

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