How to Become a Medical Director at a Med Spa

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Author: Patricia Pezzano

A medical director of a med spa is a trained and licensed physician or in Ontario, a Nurse Practitioner.. Unlike the other medical experts and specialists working at the med spa, the medical director supervises the operations, procedures and treatments offered by the establishment.

As the overseer, the medical director takes ultimate responsibility for all treatments done at the medical spa.

If you’re interested in becoming a medical director at a med spa, this article will break down everything you need to know.

Medical Director Roles and Responsibilities 

The medical director is responsible for the following:

  • Proper delegation of procedures
  • Monitoring and approving neurotoxin, filler and medicine orders
  • Supervising and mentoring medical staff to ensure competency
  • Ensuring  establishment records are maintained correctly to ensure patient confidentiality
  • Representing the establishment during any during audits and inspections
  • Guiding staff on new policies and developing or approving new policies as needed
  • Keeping track of new regulations and healthcare laws
  • Monitoring compliance to healthcare regulations

How Long Does It Take to Become a Medical Director 

This will depend on your business’s location and local laws. Usually, an establishment will require a minimum number of years of experience from a physician or nurse practitioner before appointing them as a medical director.. It is also common for the medical director to start as a physician at the establishment and have earned a good reputation or a positive track record before being appointed as medical director.

Earning this kind of trust and expertise takes a lot of time. The medical director plays a critical role in ensuring the establishment is safe and maintains high quality standards and trust from thie clients. .

How to Become a Medical Director: Requirements and Certifications

A medical director has serious responsibilities. Therefore, it is necessary to contemplate your skill set to be sure you can fulfill the requirements of the position. 

If you’re considering becoming a medical director in the future, you should follow this track.

Earn a Medical Degree

Earning a medical degree is the first step in achieving a medical license, which is necessary to qualify as a medical director. Completing specialized courses during your training or post certification that is closely related to medical aesthetics is better if you want to be a medical director at a med spa.

Courses like dermatology and plastic surgery are highly preferred by employers as these specializations are fundamentally aligned with the medical aesthetics industry.

 A doctor typing on a laptop.

Complete Your Medical Training

After earning your degree, you’ll need to complete your medical training in aesthetics. If you want to become a medical director, it would be beneficial for you to get advanced training on services usually offered at a med spa such as Botox and dermal fillers. 

While completing your residency, you may have a chance to work with a medical director who can mentor you on your path to becoming one yourself.  

Additionally, you can also volunteer to certain programs or charities. These will help increase your exposure and experience, which would be beneficial not only for you but for your future patients as well. 

If you’re a foreigner looking to practice medicine in Canada, passing an English proficiency test, submitting additional documents, getting local licensure, and in many cases, getting additional training are required. You must be registered with the appropriate Colleges and licensed to practice medicine to be a medical director.

Experience and Specialty in Medical Aesthetics 

Having adequate experience in medical aesthetics is necessary to provide good-quality medical aesthetic services. It is important to have the appropriate training to prevent botched procedures and medical emergencies.

Getting additional training on medical aesthetics business management will be helpful as well, because medical directors are expected to manage people and processes, and participate in strategic planning.

Financial Ownership 

In many establishments, a medical director is a licensed doctor who is also the owner or part-owner of the business. In some countries this is mandatory although not in Canada..

This is to ensure accountability and safety. A medical establishment needs input and guidnace from medical professionals versus business people alone.

 a woman visits a medical spa

Medical Director Salary 

In Canada, the average salary for a medical directorvaries greatly.  It depends on the size of the establishment and the scope of your responsibilities. It’s also dependent on whether you are expected to be in a collaborative or prescriptive role.,whether the role is full or part time, how many medical professionals you are supervising, clinic volumes etc.  This is best to have a discussion with the clinic owner and sign an appropriate contract outlining expectations from both sides. 

Start Training for a Medical Director Career Now

Improving your knowledge on medical aesthetic procedures will enhance your competence as a medical aesthetic services provider. Earning specialized certifications, especially international certifications, will keep you updated on the best and latest technologies and practices, which is incredibly valuable to any medical establishment.

Working with a reputable and internationally-accredited medical aesthetics training organization like APT Injection Training can help you achieve the expertise your prospective clients and employer needs.

If you want information on the training you can take to help you become a medical director, call us now or leave a message and we’ll help you plan for your next course.

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