The Basics of Preventative Botox

A young woman gets a preventative Botox injection on her forehead
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Author: Patricia Pezzano

Have you ever met anyone who barely seems to age? It could be because of good genes, a healthy lifestyle, or both. 

Or it could also be preventative Botox. Yes, there is such a thing, and most skin experts say it really works.

But what is preventative Botox and how is it different from the Botox we all know? What are the benefits of getting it and when is the best time to start? We’ll answer all these questions and more below.

What Is Preventative Botox? 

Preventative Botox is just like “regular” Botox—that is, a neuromodulator being injected into certain areas of the face to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But they have one key difference: timing.

People often get Botox injections once they see their lines and wrinkles deepen and look more noticeable. But the idea behind preventative Botox is to get injected before the wrinkles form or worsen. Thus, the term “preventative.”

Botox will weaken the muscles, which significantly slows down the progression or deepening of wrinkles. In that manner, regular Botox is a corrective procedure, while preventative Botox is a preemptive procedure.

Studies on The Efficacy of Preventative Botox 

Have you heard of the “preventative Botox twins?” There was a study conducted in 2006 involving identical twins wherein one received regular preventative Botox injections for 13 years, and the other did not.

The twins are now 44 years old. What was the result of the study

The twin who received regular Botox treatments did not have resting wrinkles or any static lines; the other twin who didn’t receive treatment showed visible signs of aging. The untreated areas on both their faces, however, show comparable aging. 

This only means that preventative Botox carried out with the right approach is truly effective.

Three Benefits of Preventative Botox 

Getting preventative Botox has three significant benefits:

  • It stops wrinkles from becoming fully formed;
  • It prevents the formation of static lines; and
  • It saves you from more expensive Botox procedures in the future.

Postponing treatment could result in higher costs because you would need increased units of neuromodulators and more visits to your skincare provider. Ultimately, it’s easier to prevent wrinkles than to treat them.

A woman with wrinkles on her forehead

Who Is Preventative Botox Most Suitable For? 

Not everyone is eligible for preventative Botox procedures. According to skin experts, preventative Botox is best suited for people who are in their late 20s to mid-30s with very expressive faces. But it isn’t always about age—sometimes, it depends on skin condition too. 

For example, people with thin, fine skin can benefit from this procedure because they are likely to get wrinkles more easily than those with thicker skin. If any of your family members have deep or excessive expression lines, you will likely get them too and could use preventative Botox to delay their onset.

Skin experts can usually tell just by looking at your face if you could use Botox. They can identify the treatment areas by observing your expressions—when you furrow your brows, squint, purse your lips, etc.

Or you could also test your skin by yourself. Gently pull the skin with your fingers and check if the lines are still there. If they are, then preventive Botox to gently relax the muscles would help prevent them from getting worse. 

When Is The Best Time To Get Preventative Botox? 

There is no cut and dry age for when a person should get preventative Botox, but skin experts say the best time to get preventative Botox is when wrinkles first appear. 

They will show up initially when you make a facial expression but go away when your face is at rest. Over time, these wrinkles stick around even when you’re not making any expressions at all.

When you notice the early signs of “resting wrinkles,” this is the best time to treat them. Don’t wait for them to become permanent.

The Cons 

Ironically, preventative Botox can sometimes have the opposite effect, typically when an untrained or inexperienced individual inadequately assesses, unknowingly gives the incorrect dosage, or performs the preventative Botox procedure with the wrong approach.

Starting too early, getting it too often, and a heavy-handed approach could make the muscles atrophic, rendering them too weak to hold the skin up properly. This speeds up the aging process of the skin and muscles instead of delaying it.

If you have naturally hooded lids or low-set brows, getting heavy preventative Botox in the frontalis muscle could contribute to the rapid dropping of the eyebrows in the long run. Using too much Botox can also lead to an odd, distorted, and older appearance.

A young woman gets a preventative Botox injection on the side of her eyes

Become a Master Injector in Preventative Botox 

The foundation of effective preventative Botox starts with proper assessment. It helps determine the right approach and lets you know where and how much to inject.

If you want to be a master injector in preventative Botox, then begin your journey at APT Injection Training. We offer comprehensive training for skin assessments and techniques in injectables as well as international certification in aesthetic injectable therapies for registered medical practitioners. 

Visit our website to learn more about our Botox training courses!

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