The Importance of Hands-On Patient-Model Training

The Importance of Hands-On Patient-Model Training
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Author: Theresa Taylor

At APT, we believe that while theoretical learning is critical, hands-on training is the core of our Botox® training for physicians and nurses. Some of the available training courses on toxin and dermal fillers involve a live demonstration and hands-on training on prosthetic heads. While this may be useful for identifying facial anatomy and site injections, nothing beats having the unique experience of hands-on patient-model training.

Here’s why. In this article, we will talk about the learning benefits of hands-on patient-model training using actual products, specifically for Botox® and dermal filler training for physicians and nurses.

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It’s a Perfect Simulation of In-Office Client Situations

Hands-on training on live patient-models with actual product provides the trainee with an idea of what to expect during an actual in-office appointment with a real client. A toxin training for nurses and physicians with this feature is an almost perfect simulation of the real-life processes that can be seen in an actual aesthetic clinical environment. Using actual product versus saline is critical as the use of saline does not mimic the true emotions experienced in a treatment by both the injector and patient. The training procedure includes proper documentation with before and after photo taking, initial consultation and assessment of patient’s case, the orientation of side effects and contraindications, and getting the patient’s consent before administering the toxin procedure itself.

This gives injectors the chance to apply everything they have learned theoretically through reading books and the extensive online materials on an actual model and experience themselves first hand what they have witnessed from the live demonstrations they saw.

More importantly, they will be able to see first-hand the post-procedure results and reactions on patients. Because of this experience, they will no longer be taken aback on their first real Botox® injection and they will be able to advise their clients properly on about aftercare and recovery.

It Sharpens their Botox® Clinical Skills

Hands-on training has always been a vitally important aspect of physician and nurses’ clinical training. In a hospital setting, it effectively reduces any potential intimidation they feel in administering and invasive procedure.

Likewise, hands-on training on a live patient-model is an integral part of every toxin training for physicians and nurses, because it allows them to have a sort of preparation phase, performing the necessary clinical skills with the guidance of a medical expert. In this scenario, they can afford the luxury of practicing and then revising steps that would otherwise be detrimental during an actual toxin procedure, where trial and error or learning on the job is something unthinkable.

The instructor can provide helpful feedback after the exercise. The trainee will also have the opportunity to raise sudden concerns that he/she will notice only during a toxin procedure, something that would otherwise not be addressed or that would even come to mind, to begin with, on theoretical knowledge alone.

It Lessens the Risk of Making Errors

The hands-on part of APT toxin training for physicians and nurses is conducted with the close supervision of licensed medical experts with in-depth knowledge and years of specialization in administering Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. We strictly maintain a 2:1 ratio of trainees and trainers. This incredibly low ratio of trainee to trainer ensures maximum hands on injection experience and ensures that each trainee will be able to learn and perform every step of the hands-on procedure while being guided accordingly by their instructor.

In addition, everything follows the required clinical standards for this cosmetic procedure and that potential risks for errors or unexpected turn of events will be minimized. Because of the high authenticity level of our toxin training for physicians and nurses, there are higher chances that the trainee will be able to remember and retain everything he/she learned and apply it to actual clients.

It Educates Trainees that Every Botox® Case is Unique

As we have mentioned earlier, most toxin training for physicians and nurses uses a prosthetics head for practice during their hands-on training. There are certain learning benefits to this, such as familiarizing students with human facial anatomy and helping them pinpoint injection sites accurately—for example, nasolabial folds and glabellar complex—to effectively address skin ageing, lip augmentation, and other potential concerns. Patient models are selected to provide a diverse type of examples of patient gender, cosmetic issues, and skin types.

However, as every person is unique, every face and every toxin procedure will also be one of a kind. Hands-on patient-model training makes the trainee very much aware of this fact as early as the learning phase. This effectively hones the trainees’ critical thinking skills as well on how to design an optimal treatment plan that will meet each client’s specific aesthetic or medical expectations using the latest toxin techniques.

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It Builds Self-Confidence

The hands-on patient model training experience from our toxin training for physicians and nurses will also provide the trainee with the much-needed self-confidence to stay in control of his/her first toxin or filler procedure and guarantees that it will go smoothly and safely. On the side of the patient, knowing that your toxin specialist has prior experience performing the procedure and possess all the required knowledge also gives the assurance that you are receiving treatment from safe and competent hands.

APT Botox® Training for Nurses

If you are looking for a cosmetic injectable training program, consider APT Foundation Toxin and Dermal Filler Training for Physicians and Nurses. APT Injection Training is an internationally-recognized teaching facility providing physicians and other registered medical professionals with advanced facial rejuvenation injection training.

Our brand new state-of-the-art facility provides a welcoming environment where you can receive guidance and training from our team of cosmetic injectable professionals. Our enthusiasm and desire to help you achieve your training goals will ensure that you don’t make the wrong decision when you choose APT for your injection training needs.

All our classes maintain a strict 2:1 trainee to trainer ratio. Our courses are evaluated by a trusted third-party organization to guarantee that all training materials, facilities, and lessons are of the utmost quality and follow industry standards. We offer flexible dates to help you plan ahead and accommodate it based on your current office and social schedule.

Aside from Foundation Toxin and Dermal Filler Training for Physicians and Nurses, APT Injection Training also offers other training courses.

Sign up for our next Toxin Training for Physicians and Nurses. Contact us today to learn more about it and other courses that we offer. Find out how our expert highly trainers can help you reach the next level of your medical aesthetics career.


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      Our in-person training courses are currently only at the Oakville facility in Ontario

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